Funeral Choices & Services

Bowley Funeral Service offers a wide range of funeral choices and burial options, from traditional funerals to simple services, religious and non-religious funerals, as well as burials and cremations. Whether you’re planning your own funeral or you’re planning the funeral of a loved one, we’re here to ensure you’re aware of all your options, their costs and how they work. 

Our team understands that everyone is unique, so it’s important to take a bespoke approach to funerals and we provide a tailored service to everyone we work with. 

Some of the funeral options that we provide include:

As well as these funeral choices, we also provide a variety of cremation services if your loved one has opted for this option, as well as various floral tributes for funerals.  

Each of our funerals, burial services and cremation services is carried out to the highest standard across Hassocks, Ditchling and Hurstpierpoint. With this in mind, you can place complete trust in Bowley Funeral Service.