Direct Cremation

When a loved one passes away, it’s always a difficult time. It’s vital that their final wishes are carried out, and sometimes this may simply be a Direct Cremation.

A Direct Cremation is a cremation where no funeral service takes place, no guests are in attendance and the deceased’s ashes will be returned to family members once the process has taken place. 

At Bowley Funeral Service, we offer trusted Direct Cremation services that will fulfil your loved one’s wishes with the utmost dignity. As a leading family funeral director in Hassocks, Ditchling and Hurstpierpoint, your loved one will be in our dedicated staff’s committed and compassionate hands at all times, providing you peace of mind that all of their wishes will be carried out. We understand that the loss of a loved one can be hugely upsetting, which is why we offer you with the certainty that all of their wishes will be personally taken care of by us.     

As well as this, we’ll always be on hand to talk you through what is involved with Direct Cremation.  This includes letting you know what the process involves, discussing urn options and explaining how and when you’ll receive your loved one’s ashes. All of this can be done at your pace, with our dedicated staff ensuring any questions you may have are answered. 

For more information on Direct Cremation, contact Bowley Funeral Service today.